Games Workshop often remove items from their ranges that can be ordered by independant stockists like us at Wayland Games. It could be that they are low on stock, or that the item is about to be discontinued. We have been asked by customers many times if we could also order these items in and resell them to you, as you might be placing a large order and you wish to have everything delivered together at our great prices.

Well now you can!

This service won't make sense to everyone, as who would want to pay more than RRP for an item, and we understand this concern but we are responding to demand.

The process is simple:

Direct only items are priced at UK RRP + 15%

The 15% represents our fee for this service. Please submit a ticket to make suggestions for items you would like us to stock, and we will add them to the website for you.

This situation is also in place for Forgeworld items which similarly we have to purchase at full RRP.